Volume 9, Issue 3

March, 2013

Well, it's finally here (or soon will be)! Spring is upon us, and that means things are moving ultra-fast-forward. Pruning and transplanting to finish immediately. Designs to do and sprinklers to fix. We have a power-packed issue of e-gardens in store for you, so hang onto your hat and boots. Here we go!

From the Sperry Gardens

Changes Made! The one thing you can count on in gardening is that nothing remains the same. Change is inevitable, and the sooner we realize that, the easier life will be for us. I agonized over this group of tired old hollies for several years. I finally got up my courage, and you can see the immediate aftermath in the rest of my story.

Ask Neil

Want Neil's help with a perplexing plant problem? Drop him a note here, ALONG WITH a photo. Click here to see his replies to this month's questions. Or send him your question and photo here.

Timely Tips March

As we mentioned in the opening, March is the busiest month of the gardening year. This is the place where we highlight the most critical tasks for each issue of e-gardens, so you'll probably want to click into the details. We'll do our best to keep you on-course and on-time.

Native Son

The party's over, the visitors from across Texas have gone home, and Steven Chamblee, our native son, takes an early morning walk through his "back 40." You'll want to read about what he finds.

Our Best Poster Offer Ever!

Get all 4 of our informative posters AND a 1-year subscription to GARDENS Magazine! A $71.95 value for only $34 plus $3 postage. 100 Best Landscape Plants, 100 Best Annuals, 120 Best Perennials, and Crape Myrtles -- the complete variety list. Each poster is an exhaustive 15x30-inch detail-filled chart. Click for more information and to order.

Is It Spring Yet?

This week's cold weather has slowed the arrival of spring. (A shout-out here to our friends in Amarillo and the Panhandle!) But, how are we doing on timing of the critical tasks? Here are Neil's thoughts.

Where's Neil?

He's on the radio, as always. He's in newspapers, as always. He's been working on GARDENS Magazine stories. He's on Facebook, and his FB Community has grown to more than 15,000 gardeners talking to one another. Join, if you haven't already. He'll be back on DigIn DFW on TV beginning in early April, and he'll be cutting the ribbon for the Tyler Azalea Trails at 10 a.m. March 15. Finally, he'll be appearing at the Collin County Master Gardeners' Spring Show.

See why Neil's wearing a Sul Ross University shirt.

Texas Tree Tips

This month Steve Houser of Arborilogical Services continues his series of articles on top-rated shade trees, presenting readers with facts about our Texas state tree. Click to learn more about the majestic pecan.

Plant of the Month

Jimmy Turner and Jenny Wegley of the Dallas Arboretum surprise readers this month with the news that not all privets are created equal. Read about the tough, showy variety Ligustrum sinense 'Sunshine'.

From the Magazine

The March/April issue of Neil Sperry's GARDENS Magazine features articles on lavenders, irises, sweet corn and many other spring topics. You'll enjoy reading Neil's article, "Neil and Nellie Go Back a Long Way."

Rose Cuttings

This month Mike Shoup of the Antique Rose Emporium tells us about a rescued rose that "rocked the rose world." Click to read his story about 'Belinda's Dream'.


This month the SPCA report brings you Bella, Billy, Tatum and Elvis. Because of caring e-gardens readers, many of these deserving animals are adopted each month by new families. Read here about this month's pets, and learn about the benefits of pet sterilization.

March Events

As spring brings new beauty to the landscape, botanical gardens and organizations around the state offer festivals, plant sales and many seminars. See our extensive list of March events of interest to gardeners.

Let Others Know About e-gardens!

We spend several days assembling e-gardens for you each month, and the only thing we ask in return is that you let friends know that we're out here. 25 million Texans haven't signed up yet, so we know we have room to grow. But, you are the key, and all it takes is a moment to send us along to all of your friends. Please help by clicking forward at the bottom of this e-mail. Here's an electronic handshake to say, "Many thanks!"

In Closing ...

Hopefully this will give you a little propulsion into the best time of the entire gardening year. If you've enjoyed our e-gardens this time around, please tell your friends. You're our best means of growing the numbers.

Until next issue, same time, same emailbox …

Happy Gardening!

Neil Sperry

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