Volume 9, Issue 4

April, 2013

Oh, can it be April already? Why, it seems like just a day or two ago that it was winter all across Texas! Oh, it was? Oh, my. So, what can you do to get back into the swing of spring now that it's warming back up? Is it safe to start planting now? What would you be doing normally? We're back to the glory days of the gardening year, and we've assembled the important details for you here in e-gardens.

From the Sperry Gardens

I have a major garden remodel going on at our house right now, but the cold and some extra work have me delayed in showing it to you. Maybe next issue. But, I'm standing right in the middle of it in this photo! Click for just a few more hints of what we are doing.

Ask Neil

Have a question? Would you like Neil's help with the answer? Send him the question. (Neil requires that a photo accompany each question here.) Click here to send your question and photo. If your question is selected, he'll answer it in the next e-gardens. Click here to see this issue's answers.

Timely Tips April

Lucky the evenings are light late. There is so much to get done. We've outlined some of the most critical tasks to help you make your time spent gardening as productive as possible. Take a glance through our list.

Native Son

When our native son heads to the place where West Texas begins, he encounters wonderful folks and plants along the way. Read Steven Chamblee's story about a trip to Albany and Abilene.

Be the Best-Informed Gardener in Texas!

We've hit a 500-ft. homerun with this offer! We've even had to reprint two of the posters. Get all four of our posters and a 1-yr. new or renewal subscription to Neil Sperry's GARDENS Magazine, all together a $71.95 value, for only $34 plus $3 postage. Posters cover every detail you'll need in choosing the 100 Best Landscape Plants for Texas; 100 Best Annuals for Texas; 120 Best Perennials for Texas; and all 120 known varieties of Crape Myrtles. Offer will expire very, very soon. Order now! Click for details.

Evaluating Cold Injury

Our winter was comparatively mild. Even the temperatures we faced three or four days ago weren't all that cold. It's just that the sub-freezing weather plunged farther south into the state than it usually does this time of year. Our plants were already in their spring mode. What was hurt and what wasn't? We've prepared a few thoughts.

Where You'll Find Neil

In his garden taking photos. On the radio. On television (Dig In DFW returns in mid-April! Watch our website.) In GARDENS Magazine. In more than 15 Texas newspapers. On Facebook. Out taking photos or hunched over his computer.

Texas Tree Tips

Though we gardeners all value trees, how many of us have "started from scratch" in the planting of these landscape giants? This month Steve Houser of Arborilogical Services takes us through the steps of coaxing a tree from an acorn. Find photos and instructions here.

Plant of the Month

Jimmy Turner and Jenny Wegley of the Dallas Arboretum have found two series of annual salvias that will thrive through spring and into our hot summers. Read Jenny's article about 'Amore' and 'Sizzler' here.

From the Magazine

The March/April issue of Neil Sperry's GARDENS Magazine features articles on many spring topics like begonias and irises. In e-gardens this month, we present a magazine article written by Mary Wilhite on "Hiring Landscape Professionals."

Rose Cuttings

Mike Shoup of the Antique Rose Emporium admits that some of his beloved old garden roses have "skinny legs." This month he tells us what he does about these statuesque, but sometimes gangly, beauties. Click to read his story.


Metroplex SPCAs introduce you this month to Bella, Rosie, Shadow and Kitty Girl, all deserving pets who need families for a lifetime. Read here about them and about the SPCA's mission.

April Events

It's plant sale and festival time all around the state of Texas! Check out our calendar of April events to discover an event near you.

Here's Where We Need Your Help

When you offer a free publication, word of mouth (and fingertips) is your best way of increasing your numbers. Which is precisely why we hope you're reading this now. If you enjoy e-gardens, please let your friends and gardening buddies know. You can send them a copy without having to register them. Click forward at the bottom of this e-mail to share us with others.

In Closing ...

I hope this issue of e-gardens has been of help to you as you reassemble your gardening life after the cold earlier this week. If you found it useful, please share us with others. And join us right here at the same place for the next issue of e-gardens. In the meantime, updates as they are warranted.

We appreciate you! Thanks for reading, and happy gardening!

Neil Sperry

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