Volume 8, Issue 12

December, 2012

As the year winds down and the weather changes almost daily, there's so much to do to get ready for winter in the landscape and garden. We have details in this month's e-gardens. If you enjoy our free newsletter, please let your friends know about us. We think they'll appreciate what we've included in this issue.

From the Sperry Gardens

This colorful vista out from our front door is especially cheering this time of year. Trees that are green or deep maroon through the summer suddenly become almost fluorescent. I have more details.

Ask Neil

In each issue of e-gardens, Neil chooses questions of the greatest general reader interest and answers them. If you'd like to send him your question (photo required), we have a link to speed you along. Here are his answers to this month's questions.

Timely Tips December

We post the most critical tips for each month here in e-gardens. For a more complete list, order our 2013 Texas Gardening Calendar. Click for this month's top tips.

Native Son

An escape from reality takes our native son down a road lined with brilliant Texas red oaks and then all the way to Lewisville for a greenhouse visit. Read Steven Chamblee's account of a day among the leaves, both native and exotic.

Neil's December Pen Sales

For 17 years, Neil has been turning pens from rare, historic and exotic woods as a fundraiser for Serenity High in McKinney, the nation's only public recovery high school. He has six public pen-sale appearances scheduled in December. Click for all the details on the pens and the pen sales.

Landscape School January 26!

Have you reserved your seat for our 18th annual Home Landscape School? You need to do so before it sells out. Neil, Steven Chamblee from Chandor Gardens in Weatherford (see "Native Son," just above) and Jimmy Turner from the Dallas Arboretum (see his "Plant of the Month" here each month) will teach the all-day class. You'll have a fun day, and you'll end up with a working drawing for your own landscaping project. Read all about it!

Neil's Calendar Pays for Itself!

That's what people tell us. It's the prettiest of his 30 annual Texas Gardening Calendars. But, the real savings come as it also gives you complete details of when to plant, prune and feed all the plants in your landscape and garden, as well as what problems you're likely to encounter month-by-month. But, supplies are running short. Save one-third on the calendar. See the details!

Texas Tree Tips

Bill Seaman of Arborilogical Services helps us celebrate this fall's wonderful display of reds, yellows, oranges and purples. Read his article about what makes the leaves turn, and see his list of great trees for color in Texas.

Treat Broadleafed Weeds Now!

Cool-season, non-grassy weeds are growing actively right now. But, they're still small and relatively unnoticeable. If you've seen any of these four in your lawn in recent springs, you should treat them immediately. See who they are, what to use, and why the timing is so critical here.

From the Magazine

The November/December issue of Neil Sperry's GARDENS Magazine offers you articles about daffodils that naturalize in Texas, fascinating gates, handmade stepping stones and much more. Click here to read Neil's article about some of his favorite landscaping shrubs.

Neil on Facebook

Neil has a very active Facebook page. Join him at "Neil Sperry" and receive his daily Garden Tips. Click on "See Posts of Others" to see the dialog he has with his FB friends.

Plant of the Month

Jimmy Turner and Jenny Wegley of the Dallas Arboretum have long been thinking about tulip planting! Jenny writes this month about two tulips that have proved their mettle in the Arboretum's Trial Gardens. Learn more.

December Events

The season brings events of good cheer to botanical gardens all around the state of Texas. Check our December calendar for events of special interest to gardeners.


Read all about Sophie, Giada, Mandy and Hercules, deserving pets who have begun the wait at SPCA centers in McKinney and Dallas for their loving new families. Stephanie Daniels of the SPCA tells their stories here, and also offers pet owners important tips for keeping pets warm and healthy during cold weather.

Rose Cuttings

Once again, Mike Shoup of the Antique Rose Emporium gives our readers a taste of his new book. Click to read about the roses he calls "balloon-skirted ladies."

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In Closing ...

That's it for our December e-gardens. We'll be back in just a few weeks with the next issue. (Or sooner, if there are any weather emergencies.)

Until then, thanks for letting others know about us. We'll make you proud!

Happy gardening!

Neil Sperry

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